Monday, June 13, 2016

Saturn Series: After The Show (announcement)

Remember a few months ago when I released a pretty little mint-colored Saturn series short story titled Before You Go? I sort of had a lot of freaking fun with that one, so I decided to write another one!

Because the Saturn readers aren't as demanding as before (many no longer blog - the others were in South America and pirated the book anyway), I've been focusing more on my surf books and LGBT projects.

But I haven't forgotten about the Saturn series! I do plan on finishing the books, although I don't know when since the day job drains most of my energy. For now, though, I don't want my Saturn fans to have to go too terribly long without something fun for them, so I give you, After The Show.

After The Show 
Coming August 29th!

Dating an international superstar (or in Nat Winters' case, being related to one) has its perks. But creating your own identity outside of said celebrity isn't always easy. 

With Spaceships Around Saturn embarking on their upcoming world tour for the next few months, Marisol and Nat refuse to sit around waiting for the guys to return for some excitement. Instead, they decide to embark on their own adventure in the land of glitz, glam, and glitter. 

Wrapped in a sparkly web of fame and big dreams, the pair have forgotten the downside to glitter - it's a mess. 

(After The Show is a follow-up short story to the previous release, Before You Go) 

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  1. Can I be the first to say; YESSS MORE WINTERINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!